RES Limited Radiography Courses

Our Philosophy

It is our premise that anyone administering ionizing radiation to living tissue, and who is given the job of producing a radiographic exam for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment, should have enough knowledge to sufficiently perform this task, and be limited only in the exams defined in his certificate.

It is our goal that graduates of this program will have the necessary cognitive and clinical competency to pass the ARRT Limited Scope Radiography examinations for state licensure; have the knowledge and understanding of principles to produce diagnostic radiographs with the least amount of radiation exposure to the patient, the operator, and the staff; be able to successfully critique radiographs, and produce predictable results.

It is our belief that our dedication to this philosophy produces the best-prepared candidates for the ARRT Limited Scope examination and for offering good patient care.


These courses are designed to provide a quality educational program for students who are employed in a physician’s office and who are seeking a limited x-ray certificate.

All persons involved in this course are Registered Technologists (R.T.) registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (A.R.R.T.), having studied under either a two-year or a four-year educational/clinical program, or are qualified as experts in their field. Some have associate degrees, some have bachelor’s degrees. Some of the instructors have been involved in teaching in various college or hospital-based programs. All have had at least ten years of experience in the field of Radiology.

As new concepts are presented, we give the students some lab experiments to conduct in their clinic, using phantom material. They bring their lab experiments to class to be discussed. Images are evaluated for diagnostic quality, focusing on the changes needed to avoid repeats.

Homework is given for each day of class—some to do online.

An Entrance Test will be given to be able to monitor the student’s incoming aptitude. There will be testing throughout the course as the student is introduced to new material. The Entrance Test is repeated toward the end of the course and is compared to the results of the initial test. An Exit Test will be given with the intent of taxing the student’s knowledge and understanding of the principles of radiographic imaging.

Most people who fail tests or do not react appropriately in an emergency situation do so due to freezing up. Because of this, we prepare the student with test-taking techniques, stress reduction, and exam preparation so they can relax, learn, and access the information when it is needed.