RES offers limited radiography courses to prepare you to take and successfully pass the ARRT Limited Scope Radiography exam.
Tennessee’s oldest, largest, and most successful school for limited radiography (x-ray) classes, established in 1986.


Core: Radiography Basics

This course covers the radiography basics of producing x-ray images. This is a required course for a limited x-ray license in TN.

Chest, Extremities, SK/SI, Spine

These courses cover the anatomy, postioning, and pathologies that affect the image of the above listed body categories.

Bone Densitometry

This course covers the densitometric anatomy, statistics, accuracy, precision, clinical indications, and management of bone density.

Outline of RES Courses


  1. Basic X-Ray Physics, Equipment Operation, Image Production
  2. Radiobiology and Radiation Protection/Safety
  3. Patient Care and Education and Medical-Legal Issues
  4. Radiographic Equipment
  5. Basic Digital Imaging
  6. Radiographic Quality
  7. Image Quality, Critique, and Evaluation

Body Categories

  1. Chest Anatomy, Positioning, Pathologies Affecting Image
  2. Extremities Anatomy, Positioning, Pathologies Affecting Image
  3. Spine Anatomy, Positioning, Pathologies Affecting Image
  4. Skull & Facial Bone Anatomy, Positioning, Pathologies Affecting Image
  5. Paranasal Sinuses Anatomy, Positioning, Pathologies Affecting Image

Bone Densitometry

  1. Bone Health and Osteoporosis
  2. Equipment Operation and Quality Control
  3. Patient Preparation and Safety
  4. DXA Scanning of Lumbar Spine, Proximal Femur, and Forearm

What Is Required

To Receive a Course Completion Certificate, You Must:

Attend all Class days
Complete all homework assignments timely
Pass an Exit Exam by the given date


What We Expect

Before, During, and After Class:

Be in class by 7:45 each day

Be prepared to attend all day, each day
Complete all class assignments
Send in exam application by due date
Study consistently between class and your exam date

What You Can Expect

From RES:

To offer you all the information you will need to pass your State Boards
To help you understand enough about radiographs to produce the desired results
To teach you how to give better patient care
To be here for you now and in the future